Welcome to the Apollo International School. We are a school which specializes in all girls’ and boys’ education for pupils aged 6-18. Established in 2016, the AIS is one of the Ahmedabad’s finest schools, with a strong intellectual heartbeat. The school’s beautiful five acres campus with a vast range of flora, fauna and bird life provide all students with ample green space and fresh air where they are able to learn. It is an environment rarely offered by schools in large and small cities in India, or indeed some other countries. All students are able to seek advice from the teaching staff and the school management visiting on the school campus throughout the seven-day week. Students discover that they have much more time to study and pursue their wider interests. There is no wasted time travelling to learn Sport, Art, Music and benefit from Careers Guidance as well as other necessary university and college entrance preparation.

We believe “To attract and develop exceptional students and teachers from all backgrounds to serve a meritocratic India; inspire them to be just and ethical citizens; train them to be wise and principled leaders; and prepare them to enter one of the strongest alumni fraternities – for life.”

Here, we strive to provide an education that meets the needs of all children. Discipline and value-based education are the core areas of individual’s development which permeate the whole campus. Our vision of education extends far beyond the classroom ranging from morning assemblies enriched with contemplation talks, art and craft labs to playgrounds and many more.

Our educational approach is knowledge-based with an emphasis on exploring concepts through the use of Harkness discussion, Adjunct faculty programs, and many internal and external competitions in which our boys usually excel. We promote artistic expression, business entrepreneurship, scientific investigation, debating and public speaking. Our aim is to provide as many opportunities for students to find enjoyment in cooperative learning.

Not as well known is that a further 1800 boys and girls attend our campuses, from nursery upwards, and share many facilities. These schools are fully self-funded schools charging affordable tuition fees. Each year a number of boys and girls who graduate with merit are admitted to pre-Medical, pre-Engineering and other valuable courses at excellent government colleges of the country. In this regard, AIS is far more than what it appears.

AIS is a proud, confident, coeducational school, and has been for over 19years. We see coeducation as natural; the most normal and healthy setting for learning to occur. Our Gota campus is the oldest coeducational independent school of the group in the Ahmedabad.

We aim to provide a broad range of activities and experiences, tailored to meet the developmental needs of the widest possible range of individuals, whether they be girls or boys. Our programs have our students learning in and through a range of mixed-gender experiences. The level of our students’ achievements in all parts of the school’s program is testament to the success of our co-ed philosophies and practices.

Tradition is everywhere at Apollo; indeed, AIS is a beacon of education in Ahmedabad.