The priority within our class 1 to 5 is to ensure that each student’s experiences of school are happy and exciting. Students are encouraged to develop their creative and physical talents, to think independently, and to actively solve problems using their own invention and imagination.

Academic achievement is highly valued, and secure foundations are laid in literacy, numeracy, science and information communication technology (ICT). The school emphasises the importance of traditional educational standards, and basics such as reading and number work are a standard feature of the school day. Students are introduced to specialist teaching in language, physical education and music. A variety of assessment and monitoring of the students' development continues throughout their time in Primary.

The school curriculum is designed to allow students to realise their full potential. The curriculum is structured to ensure each student is stretched, challenged and supported when necessary. Our students’ progress is closely monitored at all levels using a variety of internal assessments.

Our students will follow a modified version of the National Curriculum that meets the needs of our student body. Students will develop subject skills, knowledge and understanding, which will lead to success at Senior Primary to complete their programme.

Every student in all areas of the School has personalised targets determined from baseline assessments. As in the Primary School, there is regular monitoring, assessments and reporting to parents on the academic and pastoral progress of each student.

Compulsory Subjects

    English Language & Literature
    Social Science
    Computer Science

Co-Scholastic Areas

    Physical Education
    Art and Design
    General knowledge
    Artificial Intelligence
    Reading Programme
    Speaking skills
    Value Education

*Compulsory for regional students